A Gold Coast couple bringing their passion for adventure, travel and fun to life

A lifelong passion for skateboarding inspired two HPE teachers to establish Gold Coast Longboards. Leigh and Steph were mates who met teaching and would skate on the weekends. In 2015 they launched the business to fill a market gap in longboards and cruisers, with a classic design that evokes the Gold Coast Lifestyle. Leigh a keen skater since childhood noted the graphic designs on skateboards were always too 'busy' with lots of colour and graphics.

"We wanted something simple, a minimalistic design that showcased the grain of the wood in an attractive way rather than crazy cartoons"

They could not purchase the classic board design they were after so they decided to create their own. Using the combination of their laidback lifestyle, eye for detail and creative vision they created a skateboard business. Used to working together, Leigh's passion for skating with Steph's creativity, Gold Coast Longboards was born.

Based in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Leigh and Steph drew inspiration from their surroundings and coastal lifestyle. Each board has been thoughtfully designed and inspired from a love of travel, nature and the ocean.
Gold Coast Longboards is more than just a brand,
it's a lifestyle. 
And like all good stories, you can presume Leigh and Steph not only fell in love with their business but they also fell in love with each other. 

Message from Leigh and Steph

In 2015 we started this dream of ours, Gold Coast Longboards. We wanted to try something different, something that we were passionate about. In the hopes we could branch away from our teaching jobs.  

We both worked as HPE teachers and were just two good mates. Both being the sporty people we are, we would go skating on weekends. One day we were in a staff meeting and Leigh was doodling on his notepad. He then asked me what he thought about making skateboards and the rest is history. 

We continued to work as PE teachers for three years while running our little hobby/ business on weekends and outside of work hours.  We worked long hours, weekends, early mornings and nights but we are so proud of where we have come. 

We now have our own warehouse and have Australia wide and International stockists. 

We are so grateful and can’t thank everyone enough for their support, purchases and love along the way. 

Gold Coast Longboards is a brand built around travel, adventure and fun. Drawing inspiration from the Gold Coast lifestyle, nature and the ocean.

We can’t wait to keep doing what we love and designing new ranges for you guys.

Leigh and Steph x