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There are many factors that contribute to choosing the right skateboard for you – you’re your height to skill level. The first thing to decide is what type of skating you enjoy before choosing a skateboard. A standard skateboard is ideal for street skating and completing tricks whereas a long board is ideal for long-distance, freeride or downhill riding styles. There’s also cruisers and shaped decks that are similar to long boards but are lighter and nimbler or there’s old school decks, which are perfect if you’re using your skateboard as a form of transportation or bowl skating. Finally, there are Carver Skateboards, which are ideal for surfers chasing the feeling of surfing on land. After you’ve decided what style of skateboarding, you’ll be doing, it’s time to measure your height to decide which width of skateboard deck will be suitable for you.

Choosing the width is one of the most important parts of choosing a skateboardbecause if you choose a deck too large, you will have to exert more effort into riding, but if you choose one too small, you won’t have stability when riding. If you’re a beginner and over 5ft tall the best choice is a full-size deck with a width of 7.75 inches – 8 inches, which is the width of most full-size skateboards. As your experience with skateboarding expands, you’ll know whether or not you need a wider board down the track. If you’re under 5ft tall and a beginner, it is suggested to get a junior size skateboard as they are made proportionally smaller for smaller skaters to feel comfortable with. For more help with choosing the perfect skateboard for you, chat with one of our experts today.
Carver Skateboards were designed by surfers decades ago who were chasing the same feeling of riding waves on a skateboard. From this, the term ‘surfskate’ was created, describing riding a skateboard but feeling as if you are surfing through the streets. Despite a growing number of competitors within the industry, Carver Skateboards continue to dominate the surfskate space. Carver Skateboards have been designed with innovative truck systems on their boards which are able to provide a smooth, flowing ride, a quick, snapping ride or even trucks suitable for tricks and parks – all dependant on what the rider wants. The Carver Skateboard offers a number of different shapes and concaves with Roundhouse wheels to provide power and flow to your ride to replicate the feeling of riding waves on land.

The movement between Carver skating and surfing is so similar that you are actually able to use a carver skateboard to help perfect manoeuvres such as cutbacks, bottom turns, snap and nose riding out of the ocean. Carver Skateboards can typically be pricier in comparison to other surfskate brands but is completely worth the money. You are also guaranteed to find the perfect ride for you with Carver offering numerous board models to suit your style. Although Carver Skateboarders are perfect for experienced riders looking to cross-train performance for surfing, Carver Skateboards can also be ideal for beginners. Carver Skateboards feel comfortable and provide stability for beginners, especially if coming from a traditional skateboard or a longer board.
When you purchase a skateboard, it comes in perfect condition with no chips, fading or scuffed wheels and trucks. Although after time your skateboard will begin to show general wear and tear, there are many ways to keep your skateboard looking good and riding well. Some of the general tips are to:
  • Avoid skateboarding in the wet or rain
  • Store your skateboard in a dry location
  • Sand down chips and splinters when they appear
  • Maintain your skateboard bearings
  • Clip grip tape if it begins peeling off
  • Replace parts as needed
  • Don’t throw your skateboard around
  • Avoid extremely high or low temperatures

Alongside following our general tips of taking care of your skateboard, it is also important to complete maintenance on the board as needed. Proper maintenance will involve inspecting your skateboards hardware thoroughly. It is recommended that you go over your entire skateboard after every few skateboarding sessions so that you’ll be able to spot any issues early and fix them immediately to prevent further damage or expenses. Aside from giving your skateboard a general check over after skateboarding sessions, it’s also important to not tighten your trucks too tight because this will not only affect the performance of your board but also damage it. Cleaning your bearings every couple of months is also advised if you skate often to remove built up dirt and finally replacing bushings and grip tape when necessary, to make sure they are still in the right condition to continue skateboarding.