Gold Coast Longboards was established in 2015
on the Gold Coast, Australia, by a local couple.

Based in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Leigh and Steph drew inspiration from their surroundings and coastal lifestyle.

Each board has been thoughtfully designed and inspired from a love of travel, nature and the ocean, featuring distinctive minimalist designs.

Cruising is a mode of travel well suited to the GC lifestyle and local skateboard/ streetwear brand, Gold Coast Longboards, are closely aligned with the concept. In fact, their brand is built on it.

Gold Coast Longboards is more than just a brand, it's a lifestyle.



A lifelong passion for skateboarding inspired two HPE teachers to establish Gold Coast Longboards.

Leigh used to spend staff meetings doodling skateboard designs in his notebook and realised he needed to get his ideas off paper and make them a reality. They launched the business to fill a market gap in longboards and cruisers, with a classic design that evokes the Gold Coast Lifestyle. Leigh a keen skater since childhood noted the graphic designs on skateboards were always too 'busy' with lots of colour and graphics.

"We wanted something simple, a minimalistic design that showcased the grain of the wood in an attractive way rather than crazy cartoons".

They could not purchase the classic board design they were after so they decided to create their own.

Using the combination of their laidback lifestyle, eye for detail and creative vision they created a skateboard business. Used to working together, Leigh's passion for skating with Steph's creativity, Gold Coast Longboards was born.



Gold Coast Longboards has continued to grow,
now stocked Australia wide and Internationally.

Back in 2015, their first batch of 100 boards sold out within weeks. What started as a side project has now grown into an established brand, with their longboards sold world-wide and stocked in Australia’s biggest surf/skate retailer, City Beach.

We pride ourselves on being Australian owned and operated. Made by locals for locals. Leigh and Steph are still the directors of GCLB with their small team.


Each GCLB Skateboard is built with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. 

Hand drawn and designed in Australia. The beautiful mandala art is all done on the Gold Coast and make GCLB boards like riding a piece of art.

Leigh cites inspiration for all of the brand’s designs as their love of travel, love of the Gold Coast, the ocean and the surf skate lifestyle.

Being the keen skaters they are, Leigh and Steph ensure to use the highest quality components in their skateboards to create a beautiful ride.



As we have drawn inspiration from our beautiful environment we are conscious of our impact. 

In 2020, Gold Coast Longboards branched out into a range of sunglasses created from the recycled and repurposed off-cuts of their skateboards. Made from durable bamboo and hardwoods such as maple, ebony and walnut, the frames are laser cut from the ‘waste’ wood left over, then sanded into shape and finished by hand. Just like their range of skateboards, the sunnies are infused with a sense of fun, style and quality design. Each pair has a completely unique grain pattern and no two pairs are identical.

“They are incredibly lightweight, comfortable, fitted with polarised lenses and of course great for our environment rather than the typical plastic frames you find,” he says. We ensure nothing is wasted in production of our skateboards and up cycle the skateboard timber to make wood sunglasses.


Made by locals, for locals. GCLB have collaborated with a local resin artist to make their new innovative product.

In 2022, Gold Coast Longboards launched an Australian first product in collaboration with a local Gold Coast Artist Joclyn Warner from Little Blue Creations.

We found our amazing resin artist at our local Arts and Craft Markets. We teamed up with Joclyn from Little Blue Creations to make these limited edition boards. 

“We are making acrylic skateboards (completely see through) and have partnered with Little Blue Creation who will be applying handmade ocean resin wave art to the top half of the boards giving a beautiful aesthetic that will be unmatched in the skateboard industry,” says Leigh.“