Gold Coast Longboards

100% Australian Owned and Operated

Like riding a piece of art

Designed for adventure

With inspiration from nature and travel we have designed the most detailed and intricate mandala art skateboards on the market that are both aesthetically beautiful and built to last!

Inspired by travel and adventure, built for travel and adventure

No more flat days

Surf Skate

Our Surf Skate empowers you to pump and carve through turns. It replicate surfing and allows you to gather speed just like on a wave. This stunning surf trainer enables you to reproduce rail to rail surfing with an extremely realistic feel. 

The Surf Skate is ideal for roads, walkways, skate parks, bowls and inclines and is perfect for amateurs through to the highly skilled surfer/skater. 

Recycled Skateboard Wood Sunglasses

Isn't it time to ditch the plastic? Try our sustainable timber sunglasses, hand crafted from natural wood. Polarised, eco friendly and 30% lighter then plastic.

The most stylish, light weight & comfortable pair of polarised sunglasses you will ever wear.

Do your part for the environment & look good doing it!