Lucid - Wheel Cut Longboard

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What size board is best for me?

We get asked this question a lot and to be honest the best skateboard size for you is the skateboard that you feel most comfortable on. Skateboarding is all about personal preference and the right size for you might not be the right size for your friend (even if you are the same size). Finding the right skateboard is a personal choice and can be daunting, especially in the beginning, but we have a few tips to help. Follow the link for our tips Board Size Tips

  • 38″ x 9″ Acrylic Longboard 
  • Acrylic construction
  • Logo and surfboard inspired stringer lines 
  • Resin Wave Art - applied by little blue creations
  • Acrylic construction 
  • 7″ Reverse king pin trucks 
  • ABEC 9 Chrome bearings 
  • 70mm 80A Clear Longboard Wheels with Ocean Blue Core

The Limited Edition Lucid Acrylic Skateboards. These boards are not only aesthetically beautiful but beautiful ride. The perfect boards for cruising all terrains, for any age and ability to learn, commute and get creative on. Suitable for adults and kids to learn on and experienced skaters to play on. We personally ride our Acrylic boards when we want to stand out from the crowd and have a bit of steez.

  • Fast & Sturdy- Ultimate flex, strength and finesse transparent Acrylic deck. The deck creates it's own grip, being made of acrylic. Sweat, sand and water tested.
  • Control- The flex of the acrylic increases control and manoeuvrability.
  • Durable - Highest quality aluminium GCLB trucks, tried and tested
  • Smooth - GCLB Wheels are speedy and soft, giving you the smoothest ride, for every terrain.
  • Speed -Lightweight, high-speed, ABEC-9 bearings.
  • Stylish- The transparent acrylic will ensure you stand out from the crowd.
  • Support Local - Made by locals, for locals.

Customer Reviews

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Love it. I also ordered a water born surf skate trucks with a combination with the board being flexible adding to the experience of surfing with skateboarding  with a great looking board while doing it 

Brett Cerchi
Super Stoked

Loving the two boards me mrs and I got two weeks ago! Couldn’t be happier! Thanks GCLB