Gold Coast Longboards Acrylic Skateboard Collections Our second acrylic collection; The Lucid, will consist of three different shapes; a platypus longboard, a wheel cut longboard and a wide cruiser.


The Lucid collection is a full acrylic see-through skateboard that is inspired by surfboard stringer lines that will be engraved into the acrylic with our logo in the middle.

Acrylic skatebord

The bespoke boards are completely transparent and feature hand-crafted resin wave art on the top half of the board. Tying in seamlessly with our brand’s ethos and focus on simple, clean aesthetics, the acrylic skateboards draw inspiration from the ocean, nature, travel and the Gold Coast lifestyle.

While change can be difficult, the acrylic range has been extensively (and we mean extensively) tried and tested to deliver the same stability, strength and performance as traditional timber decks. “They skate, flex and perform as well as any other skateboard in their respective categories,” said Leigh. “Being acrylic, the grip provided on either bare feet or with suitable skating shoes is more than enough, which not only helps with performance but also adds to the aesthetic of the board and completely eliminates any rashes or grazes caused by a coarse grip tape.”

Leigh Warner